George Durant Chapter

Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Our society honors our Colonial Ancestors that were here in America before 1701. Our members are descended from the most extraordinary people and adventurers that ever lived. Through research and documentation, our members show that they are direct descendants from their colonial family members.

Our chapter follows the objectives of our National Society which is to fulfill the mandate of the founders to perpetuate the memory of the colonists and their lasting legacy of virtue, courage and patriotism that are the foundations of the character of this great nation.


  1. To aid in the preservation of records and historical sites of our country.
  2. To foster interest in historical colonial research.
  3. To support the youth of our country in education.
  4. To commemorate the noble and heroic deeds of our ancestors who were the founders of this great Republic.
  5. To zealously maintain the high principles of virtue, courage and patriotism which led to the independence of the Colonies and laid the foundation for the establishment of the United States of America.
  6. To maintain a Library of Heraldry and preserve the lineage and Coats of Arms of our Armorial Ancestors.
  7. To develop a library specializing in the seventeenth century American colonial data.